How to Hang Christmas Lights on Leaf Gutter Guard: Using Christmas Hook

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Christmas Hook is a Christmas Light hanger designed to fit gutters with perforated or mesh/screen gutter guard. They are made from Aluminum, will not rust and lasts for years. You can find these from our websites.... or

How to use Christmas Hook:

1. Christmas Hook Christmas Light Hooks are designed to fit BOTH perforated gutter guard

(the gutter guard with the little holes in them) and mesh or screen gutter guard. The hooks diameter are 7/64 th of an inch. What you can do is use a 7/64 th drill bit and place it in the holes of your gutter guard. If the drill bit fits then the hooks will work !!!

2. Watch this video, It's only about 2 minutes long and it explains how to get a straight Christmas lights using Christmas Hook Christmas Light Hooks.

3. Be sure, using your fingers to crimp the hook to the Christmas Light wire. This will ensure that the Christmas lights won't slip off during high winds or adverse weather.

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Christmas Hook, Christmas Light Hook Light Hanger, can hang Christmas lights on gutters with gutter guard.  It fits both mesh, or screen, and perforated gutter guard.  Be sure to read our section on How to use Christmas Hook to learn how to hang on gutter guards.

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