50ct 5mm SoftTwinkle Wide Angle Blue LED Christmas Lights

50ct 5mm SoftTwinkle Wide Angle Blue LED Christmas Lights

50ct 5mm SoftTwinkle Wide Angle Blue LED Christmas Lights Green Wire


Create a festive, sophisticated tone with SoftTwinkle TM 5mm LED mini lights.

SoftTwinkle lights produce a subtle animation of gently, independently pulsing bulbs perfect for restaurants, lobbies, events and dozens of other applications.

Bulbs are made of durable epoxy plastic with an average life expectancy of 50,000 hours, giving you years of stylish beauty.


Introducing SoftTwinkle: string lights that transcend ordinary twinkle lights, producing a subtle, pulsing twinkle effect that turns any light display into a work of art.

Combine with SoftTwinkle icicle lights and net lights for a complete SoftTwinkle look.



  • SoftTwinkle TM bulbs pulse gently on and off independently
  • Bulb lifespan up to 50,000 hours
  • Indoor / Outdoor rated
  • Patented one piece construction eliminates corrosion from moisture for longer life.
  • LEDs use up to 90% less energy
  • Female plug: End-to-End
  • Engineered with tighter wire twists for cleaner look


  • Blue SoftTwinkle 5mm LED lights on green wire.
  • 22 gauge wire.
  • Voltage: 120 volt


Grade: Premium LED Bulb Size: 5mm
LED Light Color: Blue Wire Color: Green
Bulb Type: LED Light Display: SoftTwinkle
Wire Gauge: 22 Female Plug: End-to-End
Bulb Material: Acrylic Removable Bulbs: Yes
Twist Proof Bulbs: Yes Bulb Shape: Wide Angle
Average Hours: 50,000 Voltage: 120
Rating: CSA US Certified Usage: Indoor / Outdoor
Light Color: Clear
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    $18.95Sale Price
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