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        How to use         Christmas Hook

Christmas Hook's fits gutters with mesh or perforated gutter guard
Christmas Hook's fit gutters with perforated or mesh leaf gutter guard

Be sure to watch our video on HOW to use our hooks.

Christmas Hook is a Christmas light hanger that is designed to easily fit into gutters with mesh or perforated gutter guard.  Christmas Hook is made from aluminum, will not rust and lasts for years.

Christmas Hook fits gutters with mesh or perforated gutter guard
Christmas Hook holding Christmas Lights

To use Christmas Hook, just slide the long part of the hook down into the mesh or perforated gutter guard. 

Using your fingers, "crimp" the hook to the Christmas light wire.  The hooks will hold the Christmas lights in place during adverse weather conditions.

The diameter of the hooks are 7/64th of an inch, in other words, take a 7/64th of an inch drill bit and place it into your gutter guard. 

If the drill bit fits into your gutter guard, then our hooks will work for you.  If you have any questions visit our contact page and call or email us with your question.

Hanging Christmas lights using Christmas Hook

Place each hook no more than 18 inches apart to insure that you get smooth, straight Christmas lights. 

To figure how many hooks you need to decorate your house.... Take the linear footage of your gutters and divide by 1.5 and round up to the nearest 25 or 50.  ( 150 ft of gutter length divide by 1.5 = 100 hooks needed.)  

This is only an example and you may want more hook's to space your hooks closer together.

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