LED Animated Light Show Tree

LED Lightshow Trees are visually appealing with holiday light show effects in nine distinct animation patterns. Create a light show with ease by placing this outdoor Christmas decoration in the yard or near the doorway. Available in different heights and colors, an LED lightshow tree will stun with hundreds of cool white, blue, or multicolor bulbs. Topped with an LED lighted star, LED lightshow trees bring the Christmas tree to the outdoors.

LED Animated Christmas Tree
LED Tree Trunk Net Stretch Lights
White Christmas Hook
Green LED Christmas String Lights
Red and Green Icicle Lights
20" Light Spheres

Christmas Hook, Christmas Light Hook Light Hanger, can hang Christmas lights on gutters with gutter guard.  It fits both mesh, or screen, and perforated gutter guard.  Be sure to read our section on How to use Christmas Hook to learn how to hang on gutter guards.

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