Blue & White Color Soft Twinkle LED Net Lights

Blue & White Color Soft Twinkle LED Net Lights



  • SoftTwinkle TM bulbs pulse gently on and off independently
  • Create a professional look with minimal effort thanks to net lights
  • Green wire blends flawlessly with greenery, shrubs, and trees giving you a professional, clean display.
  • Rated for 60,000 hours, providing multiple years of use
  • Small light with large impact - Concave tip emits light in all directions
  • Quality designed LEDs provide superior lighting
  • Tightly twisted wires create a clean professional display
  • Connect up to 44 sets safety
  • Engineered for consistent color display from the first bulb to the last
  • Stackable plugs allow for quick and easy installation
  • Cover larger spaces with less effort
  • UL Listed strings for your safety
  • If one lights goes out, the others stay lit



  • 70 Blue/White Color lights on a 4' x 6' green wire
  • Fused/Stackable male plug, 24" lead, 4" tail
  • 4.83 watts, 22 gauge wire


Net Size: 4' x 6' Light Color: Blue/White Color
Bulb Type: LED Bulb Size: 5mm
Light Display: SoftTwinkle Wire Color: Green
Collection: Net Light Count: 70
Bulb Technology: One goes out the rest stay lit Light Color: Clear
Bulb Material: Acrylic Grade: Premium
Lead Length: 24 in Tail Length: 4 in
Lamp Lock Bulbs: Yes Removable Bulbs: No
Voltage: 120 Watts Per Bulb: 0.069
Wire Gauge: 22 Male Plug: Fused/Stackable
Female Plug: End-to-End Bulb Shape: Wide Angle
Average Hours: 60,000 Rating: CSA US Certified
Application: Bushes Usage: Indoor / Outdoor
Amps: .04 Total Watts: 4.83
Max Sets Connected: 44 Wattage: 0.069
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