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Warm White LED Icicle Lights

LED Warm White Color M5 Icicle Lights 70 count



Nothing looks as good as icicle lights draped across your roof! These M5 style LED icicle lights will give you that special look for your home.


  • Warm White Color - WHITE WIRE
    70 Bulbs/String
    white wire

  • UL Listed: YES
  • Dimmable: YES
  • Sealed Sockets: YES
  • Lights per String: 70
  • Light Spacing: 4 inches
  • Lead and Tail: 6 inches
  • Overall Length: 7.5 feet
  • Drops: 18, 15 and 8 inch
  • Connect 42 Strings End-To-End
  • Wire Color: White
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