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Here is my testimony...


In 2005 we moved into our house.  It became time to hang Christmas lights and when I got up on a ladder to hang the lights I noticed that I could not because the gutter had the aluminum wire mesh on it.  After thinking I would not be able to hang lights this year on my gutter, my father in law came up with this hanger to hang on the gutter... thus the Christmas Hook was formed.  I've used this hook since and have had no problems in using them.  If you have wire mesh leaf guards or perforated gutter guard I encourage you to try these for yourselves.

Thank you   David Thompson

Here is a picture of my house above using our Christmas Hooks to hang off the gutters with wire mesh leaf guard.



The hooks worked perfectly! They have been up for over a month now and absolutely no issues. My lights look beautiful! When I needed to get new gutters I was worried that I wouldn't be able to hang my lights any longer. As I searched the internet looking for something I could use with the gutter guards that I had put on I came across your website and I watched your video and I figured I would give it a shot. The hooks are just as described. They went up easily and not a single one popped out even during really windy days. Thank you so much!


Hi David, 


Thanks for great customer service.

I have purchased to hooks a few years ago, and they are fantastic! 

Have a great day.  

Rosie from Australia

Thank you David,


So glad to find your hooks, easily bendable, that fit our perforated gutter guards! I had tried many hooks that were supposed to work and was started to get disappointed with our decision to cover the gutters. Your video and the fact that we can measure if your hooks fit the holes (with a 7/64th of an inch drill bit) convinced me to order your product. I will definitively pass the words to the gutter cover company because I was not the first one to call about the Christmas lights.


Merry Christmas!



David: your order arrived just in time yesterday so that I could hang the ice cycle lights before the first accumulating snow of the season in the Madison WI area.  The hooks work great and it only took about ½ hour to hang 36 feet of ice cycle lights.  Next year, 20 minutes should do the trick. 
Thanks, Jim
The hooks worked as designed. Thank you for producing this product, it saved me countless hours of hanging lights the old way, and produced a wonderful sight.
Merry Christmas!
Don W.

The house above is from the "Land Down Under", Australia.

She said the hooks work GREAT !!

Jennifer emailed us with this wonderful testimony...

These are AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for inventing such a simple, clever solution to my lighting headaches. Thought Leaf Relief (my gutter capping) was ingenious until I tried to use traditional light hooks. These stay put and are virtually invisible once the lights are on.


Carl wrote...

Finally got the lights up!!See a couple pictures!!

Love the product.

God Bless


A closeup of Carl's gutter, from the top, using the Christmas Hook.
This is a brown gutter using our Brown Christmas Hooks
This house above has Leaf Relief on their gutters.  Our hooks fit like a glove. 
Same house but from the ground looking up . 
A house decorated with both shingle hooks and Christmas Hooks !!

Another AWESOME and HAPPY customer sent us this email...

My husband is currently putting up our Christmas lights and just realized he can't use the standard hooks we bought.  I searched the web for a solution and found your hooks.   I just ordered a pack of 50 and can't wait to get them.  Hopefully, it will help ease some of the stress of putting up the lights!  I just wanted to say thank you for coming up with something that seems very easy to use.  I just can't understand something?  Why aren't your hooks in all the big box stores yet?  I feel like they would definitely sell!  You should go on the show Shark Tank.  I'm sure you would have no problem getting a deal. 



One of our customers sent us this email....

We had new gutters with leaf guard installed this summer and when we asked how we would hang Christmas lights they had no answer.  I found your site on the Internet and we just received the white hooks advertised for use with gutter guard and they work perfectly.  Having seen the picture on your web site was very helpful.  The white vinyl covering, as opposed to just paint, is also a nice touch.  Thanks again for a simple but great solution!



Thank you Ed, we really appreciate your note. 

Wanda from Canada wrote to us...

I'm excited to receive our order, what a terrific product for homeowners with gutter guards! Amazing customer service, easy to order and quick shipping to Canada!

Thank you Wanda !!!

Josh S. wrote on our Facebook page...

Just placed an order for these.  Just installed gutter guards on the front of our house and have not seen anything that would work to mount Christmas lights until a Google search found your site first. 

He then placed a second order !!  Thanks Josh !!

One of our HAPPY customers wrote us earlier ...
Hi my name is Donna T, I ordered your awesome hooks wow they are amazing, they were so easy to use, Im so happy.

Thank you Donna.
This house is using our Black Halloween Hooks.  The hooks fit the mesh leaf guard perfectly !!

I bought these because we had leaf guards installed. The hooks made putting up Christmas lights easier than ever! I highly recommend them! BTW taking the Christmas lights down right after Christmas in the cold was also incredibly easy!


I bought these hooks last December for my Christmas house lights. They were a breeze to put up and hook the string of lights on them, straight and perfect! I would recommend anyone that has gutter-guards on their home to use these hooks.

From Gayle

Debbie said...

Love these! Thought I was going to give up icicle lights with our new gutter guards...but these are terrific. Saved my day!

Great customer service. These hooks made hanging Christmas lights with little effort. No damage to our leaf guards on gutters. Easy to install and take down. Would strongly recommend these Christmas hooks.

Thanks Don & Donna

I ordered these when I realized that my old hooks would not work with my new gutters which now had the leaf blocking mesh.  They were delivered very quickly and worked just as advertised.  They were easy to install and take down and did a great job of keeping the lights up.  Just what I had hoped for.  I would highly recommend them to anyone with gutter guards in place.


Heather sent us this pic and this short message...

Here is a photo of our home after using Christmas Hooks. I am so happy that these worked so well with our gutter guard! Without the Christmas Hooks, there would have been no way to hang the lights with the gutter guard on our gutters. Thank you so much!

Hi David


I have been meaning to write to you, so thank you for the reminder. Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and let you know how pleased we are with the leaf guard hooks. They worked great. We used them for our icicle lights. See attached photos. I think I can leave the hooks in place all summer. They won't even show. I would say that when I put them into the leaf guard holes, the space was tight, in fact I thought they might not fit. Perhaps because I am Canadian and we use metric measurement and you use Imperial, ours holes must have been a touch smaller. With gentle twisting they popped in place perfectly. No concern Canadian customers, they will fit just fine. I have an aunt in Penticton, BC who I am forwarding on your email as she has requested info. I am glad I found your website as I was getting worried as to how I would get the lights up. Great price, great quality and great service from They arrived in Canada in just a few days. Highly recommended .

Thank you.


Roanne M.

Calgary, AB Canada

This house used our hooks !!! Be sure to watch video....

Rick email us this...

They work great.

I have been looking for something like them for awhile to hang my lights.

Everything sold in stores such as Walmart or Lowes just would not work good.

I will take a pic and send to you.

Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas.

Our hooks made it to the land down under...Australia !!!
I received the gutter hooks and they are terrific! You saved me! I only like icicle lights on the outside and now I can have them once again...
Thank you,

Another AWESOME home in New Jersey using our Christmas Hooks. 

He called me to tell me they worked perfectly and were very, very pleased and have been telling others about our hooks.   Thank you very much !!!

Hello David!
We received your light hooks for use with gutter guards and they work perfectly! Thank you so much! You asked me to send you a picture of our house decorated. It isn't the clearest but hopefully it is good enough! Thanks again!!
David, hooks working great!!!!! Great product!!!! Thanks,

Hi!  I just wanted to let you know that I received the hooks earlier this week and we hung up our lights today.  They worked GREAT!!!!  We had new gutters and screens put on the house last summer  and I've been searching since to find light clips that would work with gutter guards,obviously with no luck,  until I luckily Googled one last time  and found your solution.

Anyway, thanks again.  Great service, great product.


 Jamie also added in another email...

I will definitely send you a picture (it'll be in a week or so, we light the house when everyone comes for Thanksgiving).  By the way, it was extremely windy here last night, in fact we had a wind advisory.  I was a little worried that we might wake up this morning to find that the lights had blown down.  Wrong!  They held just fine.  It's nice to find a great, inexpensive product, in particular, made in the USA.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Kristi wrote...

Got the hangers last week. My husband said I did good! He didn't think I would be able to find anything that would work. Will send a picture, hopefully next weekend.

Thanks again and have a Happy Thanksgiving!  Kristi

Kristi wrote again...



Hello again,

Here's a picture for you to share on you website. I apologize for the length of my testimony but I think the entire story needs to be shared.

After many years of not decorating for Christmas for various reasons, we decided to tackle it this year after our three-year-old granddaughter requested it. It was my job to pick everything out and when I purchased the lights and decorations the gutters with leaf guards didn't even cross my mind. I just assumed they sold the appropriate hangers in the stores and that my husband would get the necessary installation supplies. We ended up going shopping together for the hangers but couldn't seem to find anything that would exactly work. We went back home, drug out a ladder, and took a good look at what we were facing and that's when he decided he was going to have to customize it somehow. His idea was one that would have worked but it would be time and labor intensive and he didn't have a lot of time to spare. And it involved making a permanent change to the gutters to which I was opposed. He got frustrated with me for shooting his idea down and told me unless I found something better that was our only option. I knew he was right but couldn't stand the thought of having to drill holes into our only two year old gutters so I immediately started looking online. My first two search sessions came up empty. A couple of mediocre ideas were out there but nothing that really lived up to our need. I was just about to give up looking for the night and go to bed when I did a third search and found your website. Thank goodness! Your hooks work beautifully and as you can see the lights are straight as can be. My husband said they were easy to work with and only required a little tightening after the lights were in place. And we can easily re-use them in years to come.

The lights were put up on November 25th and they lasted beautifully through 40 mph winds and rain the very night they were hung! This picture was taken on December 6th, 11 days into hanging and still looking great.

Thanks again for your clever invention and for making them available. They brought about a peaceful resolution to our dilemma! 

Merry Christmas!
Kristi LaCour

The Christmas light hangers worked great and were a snap to use!  I am glad I purchased them.  I hung the regular icicle lights from them and had no issues.  I will use them for several years to come.  Thank you for making a product like this otherwise  I would not have been able to hang up my Christmas lights that I enjoy so much.  I just had the leaf guard installed this year then went "Oh My, how I am going to hang my Christmas lights?"  Then I found your product and knew they would allow me to hang them.

Thanks again for a great product,
You definitely have a great product! Although I was at first hesitant in ordering light hangers for gutters with leaf guards installed I was quickly re-educated after receiving them. They were easy and quick to install and after hanging lights we had a storm front move through with 35 MPH wind gusts. Much to my surprise the lights were still hanging the next morning. I did not bend the hanger around the lights as I plan on leaving them up all year. This way I can hang all lights from the ground using an extension rod. The only regret that I have with them is that I wasn't the person who first thought about them. Great product, and much luck with future sales.                                                                                                      Larry P.
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