LED Icicle Lighting

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

LED Icicle Lights adds a finished look to any house or business. The draping of LED Lights hanging at different lengths off the gutters gives that Christmas Look that so many homes need. Our LED Icicle Lights have these features....

Long lasting LED icicle lights

  • Hang icicle lights along roof lines with ease.

  • Christmas Hook works great to hang Icicle Lights

  • One light goes out, the rest stay lit

  • Save up to 90% in energy using low wattage LED icicles

  • Connect up to 43 sets end-to-end Fused stackable male plugs Long lasting bulbs - use in weddings, events, and Christmas lighting

  • One piece durable construction fuses acrylic plastic bulbs to sockets

  • UL Listed and CSA approved Hang indoors and outdoors with cool-to-the-touch bulbs

Our LED Icicle Lights come in a variety of colors....

Warm White

Cool White






Multi Color



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Christmas Hook, Christmas Light Hook Light Hanger, can hang Christmas lights on gutters with gutter guard.  It fits both mesh, or screen, and perforated gutter guard.  Be sure to read our section on How to use Christmas Hook to learn how to hang on gutter guards.

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